Web Picks (week of 8 February 2016)

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  • Machine Learning Meets Economics
    Very interesting article in the same vein as an earlier article mentioned in our newsletter. People are realizing it’s not accuracy, but profit you want from predictive models. Didn’t we say so before? We have been working on this topic for… some… time
  • Pixel Recurrent Neural Networks [pdf]
    Modeling the distribution of natural images is a landmark problem in unsupervised learning. This task requires an image model that is at once expressive, tractable and scalable. This paper presents a deep neural network that sequentially predicts the pixels in an image along the two spatial dimensions.
  • Will Machines Eliminate Us?
    People who worry that we’re on course to invent dangerously intelligent machines are misunderstanding the state of computer science.
  • Megabite
    A fun one to close with — Megabite is a mobile app that automatically turns a photo of your food into a face. Such a good use of computer vision techniques.