Data Scientists Shaping the Future City Life

Sponsored article contributed by: SAS Belgium

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Goodbye SAS Forum?

We have a great tradition of inviting SAS users and data scientists to our yearly SAS Forum. It’s a great platform to learn about existing and new SAS technologies, to try out SAS in the hands-on sessions, to exchange ideas and hear from customers how they apply analytics in their daily business.

Time for a bigger experience

A great platform, only this year, we offer you something new. Something that shows even better how valuable analytics is for society. A place where you can learn about how and where analytics thrives innovation. In mobility, healthcare, manufacturing, government. A place where it becomes clear to everyone – all citizens – how important and relevant data is and will be, and how essential data science is to help shape the future city life.

Jammin’ At The Bebop to Sharpen your Skills

That’s why we decided to partner with and& Leuven, “a one of a kind festival at the intersection of health, tech and creativity, curated for the curious” where +100 thinkers, inventors, entrepreneurs & artists of all backgrounds will explore the impact of health, tech & creativity on future city life.

The perfect scene for a data science track, we thought!

On 3rd May, we invite you to our Data Science Jam Sessions in “At The Bebop” in Leuven. Not just for some groovy music of course, but for a great networking and learning experience with:

  • Cristina Conti, who works in the SAS Global Technology Practice for Analytics, and Mathias Coopmans, EMEA Presales Manager Architecture. They will talk about what the future data scientist toolkit will look like. How machine learning and artificial intelligence fit in. And of course they’ll share their knowledge about how an open and industrial analytics platform can deliver enterprise analytics across the organization, and support the complete lifecycle – from discovery to build & deployment to production – in a diverse business context.
  • Federico Alberto Pozzi, Sr. Solution Specialist, for all your questions about IOT and streaming analytics.
  • 12 of our SAS “Geeks” who will give short talks about specific data science challenges, technical issues and how they solved them. Detailed information will be available online.
  • Hands-on scripts to experience & try out SAS solutions.

So, block your agenda on 3rd May and make sure you don’t miss this knowledge sharing opportunity with interesting people, nice food and great music. Great music in At The Bebop, but you’ll also have the opportunity to attend one of the acts organized by and& Leuven in the evening!

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