Prof. dr. Seppe vanden Broucke

Seppe vanden Broucke received a PhD in Applied Economics at KU Leuven, Belgium in 2014. Currently, Seppe is working as an assistant professor at the department of Business Informatics at UGent (Belgium) and is a lecturer at KU Leuven (Belgium). Seppe’s research interests include business data mining and analytics, machine learning, process management, process mining. His work has been published in well-known international journals and presented at top conferences.

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Apart from research interests stemming from day-to-day work, Seppe is also interested in (web) programming, AI research, game theory, operations research and other topics, with related writings sporadically being posted to his blog. For less-than-serious matters, Seppe enjoys reading (Murakami to Bukowski to Asimov), studying Chinese (汉语), music (Booka Shade to Miles Davis to Claude Debussy; Spotify profile), gaming, walking, and keeping up with the news.

Seppe also oversees and manages a number of websites and online applications. More information can be obtained via the “Links” section on the side of this page.

Publications Seppe

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Faculty of Economics and Business Administration
Business Informatics Department
Tweekerkenstraat 2, 9000 Gent (Belgium)
PhD Thesis
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Advances in Process Mining: Artificial Negative Events and Other Techniques