Customer Lifetime Value Modeling with Applications in Python and R

Lessons and Experiences from Industry and Research on how to Become a Customer-Centric Organisation

Authors: Bart Baesens, Arno De Caigny
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Managing Customer Lifetime Value provides marketeers, data science practitioners, business professionals and analytics managers with a comprehensive guide to understand, model, analyze, manage and deploy Customer Lifetime Value! Providing state of the art industry and research insights, this illustrated textbook has a well-balanced theory-practice focus and covers all essential topics.

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Managing Model Risk

Lessons and experiences from industry and research on the challenges and dangers of analytical models

Authors: Seppe vanden Broucke, Bart Baesens
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Managing Model Risk provides data science practitioners, business professionals and analytics managers with a comprehensive guide to understand and tackle the fundamental concept of analytical model risk in terms of data, model specification, model development, model validation, model operationalization, model security and model management. Providing state of the art industry and research insights based on the author’s extensive experience, this illustrated textbook has a well-balanced theory-practice focus and covers all essential topics.

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Principles of Database Management:
The Practical Guide to Storing, Managing and Analyzing Big and Small Data

Authors: Wilfried Lemahieu, Bart Baesens, Seppe vanden Broucke
Publisher: Cambridge University Press
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This book covers the principles of database management. It starts by defining databases and the various steps of database design. A next part zooms into different types of database systems: pre-relational, relational, object oriented, XML and no-SQL databases. Subsequent chapters discuss transaction management and physical data storage aspects. Also data access and data integration in an x-tier environment are extensively covered. The book concludes by discussing data warehousing, big data and analytics. Throughout the book, we will include various examples and case studies to illustrate and clarify the concepts discussed. Every chapter will conclude with a set of self-study questions such that the book can be easily used as a textbook by colleague instructors. We will also extensively report on both our research and industry experience on the topic to further illustrate the practical impact of the concepts discussed.

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Authors: Wilfried Lemahieu, Bart BaesensSeppe vanden Broucke
Publisher: China Machine Press
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Credit Risk Analytics: The R Companion

Authors: Harald Scheule, Daniel Rösch, Bart Baesens
Publisher: Wiley
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Credit risk analytics in R will enable you to build credit risk models from start to finish. Accessing real credit data via the accompanying website, you will master a wide range of applications, including building your own PD, LGD and EAD models as well as mastering industry challenges such as reject inference, low default portfolio risk modeling, model validation and stress testing. This book has been written as a companion to Baesens, B., Roesch, D. and Scheule, H., 2016. Credit Risk Analytics: Measurement Techniques, Applications, and Examples in SAS. John Wiley & Sons.



Authors: Seppe vanden BrouckeBart Baesens
Publisher: Apress
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Authors: Seppe vanden BrouckeBart Baesens
Publisher: Apress
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スクレイピング・テクニックの基礎と実践を学べる。Webからデータを収集し、適切なデータセットを作成しよう! 本書では、HTTP/HTML/CSSといった基本技術の仕組み、フォーム/ログイン/Cookie/JavaScriptへの対応を解説。クローラーの開発、ベストプラクティス、データサイエンス指向の15のサンプルも収録。



Practical Web Scraping for Data Science:
Best Practices and Examples with Python

Authors: Seppe vanden BrouckeBart Baesens
Publisher: Apress
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Get Started with Web Scraping using Python!

Congratulations! By picking up this book, you’ve set the first steps into the exciting world of web scraping. For those who are not familiar with programming or the deeper workings of the web, web scraping often looks like a black art: the ability to write a program that sets off on its own to explore the Internet and collect data is seen as a magical and exciting ability to possess. In this book, we set out to provide a concise and modern guide to web scraping, using Python as our programming language, without glossing over important details or best practices. In addition, this book is written with a data science audience in mind. We’re data scientists ourselves, and have very often found web scraping to be a powerful tool to have in your arsenal, as many data science projects start with the first step of obtaining an appropriate data set, so why not utilize the treasure trove of information the web provides.

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Web Scraping for Data Science with Python

Authors: Seppe vanden BrouckeBart Baesens
Paperback: 256 pages
Publisher: CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform (November 30, 2017)
ISBN-10: 1979343780
ISBN-13: 978-1979343787
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Profit Driven Business Analytics:
A Practitioner’s Guide to Transforming Big Data into Added Value

Authors: Wouter Verbeke, Cristian Bravo, Bart Baesens
Publisher: Wiley and SAS Business Series
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ISBN-13: 978-1119286554 | ISBN-10: 1119286557

Maximize profit and optimize decisions with advanced business analytics

Profit-Driven Business Analytics provides actionable guidance on optimizing the use of data to add value and drive better business. Combining theoretical and technical insights into daily operations and long-term strategy, this book acts as a development manual for practitioners seeking to conceive, develop, and manage advanced analytical models.


Credit Risk Analytics:
Measurement Techniques, Applications, and Examples in SAS

Authors: Bart Baesens, Daniel Roesch, Harald Scheule
Publisher: Wiley and SAS Business Series
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ISBN-13: 978-1119143987 | ISBN-10: 1119143985

The long-awaited, comprehensive guide to practical credit risk modeling

Credit Risk Analytics provides a targeted training guide for risk managers looking to efficiently build or validate in-house models for credit risk management. Combining theory with practice, this book walks you through the fundamentals of credit risk management and shows you how to implement these concepts using the SAS credit risk management program, with helpful code provided.

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Fraud Analytics:
Using Supervised, Unsupervised and Social Network Learning Techniques

Authors: Bart BaesensVéronique Van Vlasselaer, Wouter Verbeke
Publisher: Wiley
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ISBN-13: 978-1119133124 | ISBN-10: 1119133122

Detect fraud before damage cascades

Fraud detection is more valuable the sooner it is made, because further losses are prevented, potential recoveries are higher, and security issues can be addressed more rapidly, as such avoiding cascading damage to an organization. Detecting fraud in an early stage however is harder than detecting it in an evolved stage, and requires specific techniques discussed in this book.

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Java для начинающих
Объектно-ориентированный подход

Authors: Барт Бэзинс, Эйми Бэкил, Зеппе Ванден Бруке
Publisher: Wrox (Wiley)
Get it on: Ozon
ISBN-13: 978-5-496-02402-0

Книга “Объектно-ориентированное программирование в Java” – доступный ресурс для знакомства с одним из самых долговечных и стабильно популярных языков программирования в мире. Книга основана на учебном курсе, который преподают авторы; она начинается с основ и постепенно рассматривает все более сложные концепции. В книге вы научитесь работать с интегрированной средой разработки, позволяющей читателю сразу же применять усвоенные знания. Каждая глава основана на примерах из реальной практики и учебных сценариях, а в заключительных главах приведены кейсы, на которых читатель может опробовать изученный материал и скомбинировать несколько концепций.



Beginning Java Programming:
The Object-Oriented Approach

Authors: Bart BaesensAimée Backiel, Seppe vanden Broucke
Publisher: Wrox (Wiley)
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ISBN-13: 978-1118739495 | ISBN-10: 1118739493

A comprehensive Java guide, with samples, exercises, case studies, and step-by-step instructions

Beginning Java Programming: The Object Oriented Approach is a straightforward resource for getting started with one of the world’s most enduringly popular programming languages. Based on classes taught by the authors, the book starts with the basics and gradually builds into more advanced concepts. The approach utilizes an integrated development environment that allows readers to immediately apply what they learn, and includes step-by-step instruction with plenty of sample programs.

This book is also available in Russian.

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大数据分析 数据科学应用场景与实践精髓

Author: Bart Baesens
Publisher: Wiley and SAS Business Series
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ISBN: 9787115407450

《大数据分析 数据科学应用场景与实践精髓》是一本讨论大数据理论及应用实践的专著,从讨论理论界的前沿观点开始,之后转向讨论这些理论在日常商业活动中的实践应用。 《大数据分析 数据科学应用场景与实践精髓》首先介绍了大数据分析的业务应用场景、分析建模过程和主要任务,以及模型商用的关键点;接着讲述了数据收集、抽样和预处理的实施要点;之后系统性地讨论了各种模型技术及其应用,包括预测分析、描述分析、生存分析、社交网络分析等。在完成了这些理论知识和模型技术方法铺垫之后,就进入到实践应用部分,包括把分析活动转化为生产力的关键事项,以及各种应用实例。 《大数据分析 数据科学应用场景与实践精髓》帮助读者系统地梳理了各类模型方法的技术要点和应用要点,包括线性回归、Logistic回归、决策树、聚类、关联规则、序列规则、神经网络、支持向量机、套袋算法、Boosting算法、随机森林算法、生存分析等;本书还介绍了大量的应用实例,如信用风险建模、欺诈检测、营销响应提升模型、客户流失预测、自动推荐、网页分析、社交媒体分析,以及业务流程分析等。因此,对于从事大数据分析相关工作的人士来说,本书是一本难得的实务指南;对于高等院校相关专业的师生来说,本书是一本非常好的课外阅读材料,特别是书中关于如何把分析变成生产力的章节部分,相信一定能给他们很多的启发和思考。



Analytics in a Big Data World:
The Essential Guide to Data Science and its Applications

Author: Bart Baesens
Publisher: Wiley and SAS Business Series
Get it on: Amazon | Wiley
ISBN-13: 978-1118892701 | ISBN-10: 1118892704

The guide to targeting and leveraging business opportunities using big data & analytics

By leveraging big data & analytics, businesses create the potential to better understand, manage, and strategically exploiting the complex dynamics of customer behavior.Analytics in a Big Data World reveals how to tap into the powerful tool of data analytics to create a strategic advantage and identify new business opportunities. Designed to be an accessible resource, this essential book does not include exhaustive coverage of all analytical techniques, instead focusing on analytics techniques that really provide added value in business environments. For organizations looking to enhance their capabilities via data analytics, this resource is the go-to reference for leveraging data to enhance business capabilities.

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crbookCredit Risk Management:
Basic Concepts: Financial Risk Components, Rating Analysis, Models, Economic and Regulatory Capital

Authors: Tony Van Gestel, Bart Baesens
Publisher: Oxford University Press
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ISBN-13: 978-0199545117 | ISBN-10: 0199545111

Get an overview of everything that should be considered when undertaking credit risk management

Credit Risk Management: Basic Concepts is the first book of a series of three with the objective of providing an overview of all aspects, steps, and issues that should be considered when undertaking credit risk management, including the Basel II Capital Accord, which all major banks must comply with in 2008.