Download some of our presentations on analytics and data mining applications!

  • Boosting Credit Risk Models (download pdf)
  • Principles of Database Management: An overview of our new book (download pdf)
  • Rocking Analytics in a Data Flooded World (download pdf, Chinese version)
  • From If-Then-Else to Deep Learning (download presentation)
  • Credit Risk Modeling: Basel versus IFRS 9 (2017) (download pdf)
  • Presentation on Visual Analytics (2017) (download pdf)
  • Анализ рисков в мире больших данных (“Analytics in a Big Data World”, Russian) (2016) (download pdf)
  • Introduction to data science and applications: deep dive (2016) (download pdf)
  • Analytics in Banking: State of the Art (2016) (download pdf)
  • Analytics in Credit Risk Modeling: State of the Art (2016) (download pdf)
  • Big Data in Banking and Insurance (2016) (download pdf)
  • Data Science Applications (2016) (download ppt)
  • SAS Lunchtime Webinar with Bart Baesens: State of Credit Risk Analytics (2015) (download pdf)