Web Picks (week of 16 May 2016)

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  • Let’s stop writing like it’s 1995
    Promising article on the upcoming, AI-driven advances in word processing and writing. Many of our PhD’s are looking forward to “if you replace this word by ****, more reviewers will accept your paper”-type recommendations. Also see Writing with the machine in the same vein.
  • sqlbiter
    sqlitebiter is a CLI tool to convert CSV/JSON/Excel/Google-Sheets to a SQLite database.
  • Why rainbow colour scales can be misleading
    It is because rainbow scales are not ‘perceptually uniform’ – they create sharp artificial boundaries between colours (particularly involving yellow) that are not necessarily representative of the underlying data.
  • The R Data I/O Shootout
    Domino Labs pits newcomer R data I/O package, feather, against popular packages data.tablereadr, and the venerable saveRDS/writeRDS functions from base R.
  • Evaluating Hyperparameter Optimization Strategies
    Hyperparameter optimization is a common problem in machine learning. Machine learning algorithms, from logistic regression to neural nets, depend on well tuned hyperparameters to reach maximum effectiveness. Different hyperparameter optimization strategies have varied performance and cost (in time, money, and compute cycles.) So how do you choose?