Web Picks (week of 20 March 2023)

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Crazy Times for Large Language Models

Things went so fast during 2023 that it’s almost impossible to keep up. Here’s a short recap: at the end of last year, OpenAI released ChatGPT. Apart from heavily buying into ChatGPT, Microsoft Research has also introduced KOSMOS-1, a multi-modal large language model. NVIDIA then followed up with Prismer, their multi-modal vision-language model. Google, feeling the heat, then releases PaLM-E, also a multi-modal language model. Just about a week ago, Microsoft comes back with Visual ChatGPT, which connects ChatGPT with Visual Foundation Models to enable both receiving and sending images during chatting. Check out the demo animation on their GitHub page!

A LLaMA of My Own

Frustrated by the lack of access to large AI compute capabilities, the community has been working hard on downscaling large language models in order to be able to run them on consumer hardware.

This has allowed people to run language models with near-ChatGPT like capabilities on consumer-grade GPUs (some have even gotten it to run on a Raspberry Pi, albeit with an extremely slow inference time):

And then GPT-4 Releases

As if things couldn’t get wilder… From what we know so far, GPT-4 now has an up-to 32K token window size, can engage in visual chat, is better at reasoning and math, has improved at coding and many other tasks, and is more “aligned” to human morals and values.

And Everything Else…