Web Picks (week of 1 June 2015)

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  • Nobody ever got fired for using Hadoop on a cluster [pdf]
    A paper from Microsoft research, with the title of course being a pun on the famous marketing phrase: “No one ever got fired for buying IBM.” The article argues that memory and solid state drives are becoming so cheap, that managers might be wrongly implementing Hadoop clusters for use cases where such solutions are not needed. Also amusing: yourdatafitsinram.com.
  • Torch
    Torch is a scientific computing framework with wide support for machine learning algorithms, based on Lua.
  • Keras
    Another framework: Keras is a minimalist, highly modular neural network library in the spirit of Torch, written in Python, that uses Theano under the hood. It was developed with a focus on enabling fast experimentation.
  • RStudio 0.99.441 released
    Finally, we end with this absolute must-upgrade for data scientistsRStudio 0.99.441 has been released containing a vastly improved data viewer with support for large datasets, filtering, searching, and sorting, a complete overhaul of the code completion engine, and a new diagnostics provider to warn you of potential errors as you work.