Web Picks (week of 27 July 2015)

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  • Pyxley: Python powered dashboards
    This Python package aims to offer a Python-equivalent of the Shiny framework in R, providing a framework that allows data scientists to create interactive web applications without having to write Javascript, HTML, or CSS.
  • Deepdream: Avoiding Kitsch
    An interesting article on the large amount of websites which let you explore Google’s “deepdream” network, but do not attempt to re-train the neural net on new, interesting image sets, resulting in the same “puppyslug”-style images appearing everywhere. The author shows some examples resulting from newly trained models.
  • Cute robot politely shows self-awareness
    Right, so maybe the ability to solve a deductive reasoning puzzle is not quite yet “self-awareness” as this article puts it, but the video showing three cute robots still remains worth a watch.
  • Ibis
    Ibis is a young Python data analysis framework with the goal of enabling data scientists and data engineers to be as productive working with big data as they are working with small and medium data today. The aim is to use Python as a true first-class language for Apache Hadoop, without compromises in functionality, usability, or performance.